Monday, 20 July 2015

Mindmaps to take the pressure off

Steve Jobs commented that Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and Mindmaps are an excellent way to organize ideas and priorities.

In the Mindmaps workshop, Marlene Burns gave a very helpful way to get started on ideas for impromptu speech competitions.

Using the 5 Ws is a solid strategy for getting started on a range of speech ideas. 

Attendees from the workshop took the opportunity to practice these skills.

Nancy from Sterling Scotland approves of the hotel, approves of Rotorua and approves of the weather as it's the same as an Irish summer.

Jan from Australia spoke about her travels, Gwynetta spoke about opportunities,  and Jane spoke about getting to convention 2017.

With Mindmaps, attendees now have a solid strategy on how to find, structure and take the pressure off deciding what say.

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