Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Anchors away! It's conference tomorrow!

Anchors away!  It’s conference tomorrow,
If you didn’t reserve, you’re brow’s sure to furrow

Because you’ve missed out on Conference this year
And the chance to meet friends for a wine or a beer

All able seamen are making their way
By car, sea or train and however they may.

Come Otago and Kotuku it’s warmer up here!
Waimea and Speakwell, come chew off my ear.

Come Matamata,Taupo and Kirikiriroa –
Val Harper will be there, there’s lots we can show her!

The Auckland Clubs will be your gracious hosts
If you’ve done it then share it!  Lets give it a toast!

St Heliers, Howick, Glendene and Waitakere
Will help you with directions or where to be

So I’ll meet you at conference and we’ll all have a ball,
We’ll learn from the workshops and celebrate it all!

And if it’s too much fun and you can’t remember,
The blog will be online… no matter the weather!

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