Monday, 12 May 2014

She is evaluating!

POWERtalk international president Val Harper DC is seen here evaluating NZ Region President Linda Bergman's speech.

Evaluation is a key part of the POWERtalk experience.  It's about being constructive in feedback and allows members to see themselves through the evaluators eyes.  
International guests are always welcome at their destination POWERtalk meetings and it's always fun to see how clubs differ internationally.  Val spoke of her first conference in 1990.  The conference was held in Texas where hundred attendees from around the world met to share knowledge and experience from other clubs and members.  

POWERtalk conventions usually have a number of workshops to learn from, usually there's a speech contest or two to inspire you to increase your public speaking experience.

POWERtalk International is a world-wide not for profit organization that coaches in effective communication.
If you would like more information on how to travel the world with POWERtalk International, check the NZ Region Website at or call 0800 841 842.

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