Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Nautical Pairs- Did you find your Solemate?

During the Anchors Aweigh! conference, one of the fun conference events was to find your Solemate

Captain Ahab  Moby Dick
Herman the Merman  Sinead the Mermaid
Captain James Cook  Endeavour
Christopher Columbus  Santa Maria
Nemo  Dory
Rose  Jack
Robinson Crusoe  Friday
Jack Hawkins  Long John Silver
Castaway  Wilson
Neptune Trident
Poseidon  Amphitrite 
Homer  Odysseus
Jason The Argonauts
Sir Francis Drake  The Golden Hind
Sir Francis Chichester  Gipsy Moth IV
Popeye  Olive Oyl
Jack Sparrow  Barbossa
Captain Hook  Peter Pan
Laura Dekker  Guppy
Barbara Kendall  Olympics
Fletcher Christian  Bounty
The Skipper Gilligan

Alas, I was Amphitrite and despite dancing all night, the rogue Poseidon was not to be found.  Not even an Ahoy! from my beloved solemate.  

Did you find your Solemate at conference?  Which were you?

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