Thursday, 8 May 2014

Non English audiences

Sharing a workshop is a piece of cake when you're an expert in your subject matter, but what if you had to present to an audience that doesn't understand your language?  

Akemi Kosuge SC, Fellow of ITC knows exactly how to present to an audience who speak any language.
The Japanese native POWERtalk International Region IV VP shared a very interesting presentation on how to give a workshop to Non-English speaking audiences.  

Akemi was a key translator in the International Training Weekend in Japan where 15 workshops had to be translated and presented to non-english speakers from english-only speakers.
Having translated workshop presentation scripts to audio and powerpoint slides to different languages, there's still more to consider such as translation options with simplicity and clarity being the main stars. 
Akemi showed us the options and helped us experience the options.  
With such an international organization,  I am excited for the opportunity to give a workshop to an audience who speak other languages.

POWERtalk International is a world-wide not for profit organization that coaches in effective communication.
If you would like more information on how to present in any language, check the NZ Region Website at or call 0800 841 842.

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